Praises – July 8 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

O Blessed Jesus, Perfect, Righteous, full of Grace, Son of the Living God!
Your Love is so beautiful! It is a beacon and blessing to every person!
How brilliant is your light! The sun, moon, stars and planets remind us of it!
How gracious and eternal is your Love! Your Love is expansive yet tender!
You Love all You have made! Your Love is so great, You died on a cross; that
all who believe in You, Jesus, as their Savior, will live with You eternally!
Praise to our Creator, Beautiful Savior, Burden Bearer, and Teacher of Love!

O Beautiful, Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life Everlasting!
In Your time on earth, You taught and modeled how to love everyone!
O Savior Jesus, thank you for your Holy example of tender, expansive
love through kindness and gentleness, shown in humbleness and sincerity!
Praise to Lord Jesus for feeding, healing, teaching, and helping the needy!
Thank you, O Jesus, for loving we sinners so much – You died to save us!
Praise to Christ Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb, for saving us to live with You!