Praises – July 23 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

O holy, holy, holy God of righteousness and compassion!
You adopted all who would believe in the Name of Jesus!
These, Your children, receive the indwelling of Your Spirit!
O Savior Jesus, Your believers will live eternally with You!
Your love is forever perfect, life-changing, and life-giving!
We bow to honor our Lord Jesus, the Beginning and the End!

O Holy, Sovereign Lord Jesus, the radiance of God’s glory!
Thank You for loving all sinners! Your love inspires Goodness!
O Spirit guide us to seek Jesus in Scripture through each day!
O blessed Jesus, help us become totally dependent upon You!
May we demonstrate Jesus’ love and forgiveness to everyone!
We humbly honor and worship Lord Jesus! We sing You praises!