Praises – August 26 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise the Lord! He is good! He is Holy and Merciful!
What does it mean to be your child, O Eternal God?
Mankind is God’s love work! First, we believe in Jesus
with God’s help! Then the Holy Spirit is put into our hearts
as a deposit – a guarantee of what is coming! Even our
gift of belief in Jesus is from God! All good is from God!!
Our faith in Jesus makes us adopted children of the living God!
O Savior Jesus, help us to love and serve You more each day!
Thank you for helping us share Your love in kind ways!
This is what it means to be loved by Father, Son and Spirit.
Praise and love to our Lord above for loving us so much!
Help me to love and serve You more each day!