Praises – August 19 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Good Shepherd, You are my refuge, strength, and Savior!
Please forgive me of all my sins! Humble me! Teach me!
Bless me with strength and discernment to honor you!
May the Holy Spirit boldly lead me to praise You in
the moments of this day and to know your will for me!
Holy Spirit teach me how to love others as Jesus loves!

Lord Jesus, You love me because the Bible tells me so!
Teach me, Savior Jesus, to seek you in prayer and song!
Guide me, O loving Savior, in your Word and Spirit!
Fill my heart with Jesus’ love to share with others
through this day in Your purposes, will and ways!
Thank You for loving me eternally, O blessed Jesus!

(A Personal Prayer and Praise)