Journey Groups

Journey Groups

It’s About Relationship

We all collect and carry a variety of baggage as we travel through life—some we can carry easier than others—some of it gets in the way of our life and some of it gets in the way of other people.  Some of our baggage takes up too much space, and some is just downright ugly.  It can keep us from being able to have a vision for our lives. 

Journey Groups offer a safe place to talk about our baggage and how we might lighten our loads, making it easier to move through life, making more time and space for relationships.

If you are wondering why life seems to be so difficult or relationships seem so empty you might want to consider joining us.

In Journey Groups we believe:

  • Everyone has a story
  • Everyone has dignity
  • Everyone struggles with depravity
  • The body of Christ is intended to be a safe place for healing wounds
  • People will wrestle with God
  • People need to grieve their losses
  • People are responsible for the damage they do, NOT the damage done to them
  • People want to be called to more
  • Transformation is a life long journey, best done in community with fellow travelers

We have limited space, so consider signing up early.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact:
Jim or Pat Keller at 941-714-0513

Application forms are available from Lori in the office.

Do you or someone you love or care about show signs such as:

Over Spending



Overly Sensitive

Feelings of Unworthiness




Over Eating


Poor Self Esteem





Relational Difficulties



Journey Groups could be the answer

The leaders of the Journey Groups have been trained specifically to lead them and have many years of experience doing so.

For more information about Open Hearts Ministry you may go to on the Web.

 Disclaimer – This small group ministry is not intended to substitute for mental health, medical, pastoral, legal, or other professional services.  If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.