Help With Hurricane Clean-Up

If you have experienced damage from the hurricane we would love to help!  Please contacts our deacons at or the church at  Let’s take this opportunity to love others, to work together as a family, to serve one another and the community around us and to shine the light of Christ!

Praises – September 2 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise to our Lord God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
Sing to Him of His gracious, perfect being and glory!
Our Lord is Sovereign, full of Love, Power, and Grace!
What does it mean for us to reflect the love of Jesus?
We need believe Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah!
We need love Jesus, want to please Him, put Him first!
Jesus was humble and kind to the poor. May we be!
May we obey the Spirit in us, in all thought and action!
Believers in Jesus, desire to reflect His mercy and love!
Jesus’ love is demonstrated throughout Holy Scripture!
To reflect Jesus’ love for us, we need love others as
He loved us! Praise to our Eternal Savior Lord Jesus!








Praises – August 26 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise the Lord! He is good! He is Holy and Merciful!
What does it mean to be your child, O Eternal God?
Mankind is God’s love work! First, we believe in Jesus
with God’s help! Then the Holy Spirit is put into our hearts
as a deposit – a guarantee of what is coming! Even our
gift of belief in Jesus is from God! All good is from God!!
Our faith in Jesus makes us adopted children of the living God!
O Savior Jesus, help us to love and serve You more each day!
Thank you for helping us share Your love in kind ways!
This is what it means to be loved by Father, Son and Spirit.
Praise and love to our Lord above for loving us so much!
Help me to love and serve You more each day!












Praises – August 19 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Good Shepherd, You are my refuge, strength, and Savior!
Please forgive me of all my sins! Humble me! Teach me!
Bless me with strength and discernment to honor you!
May the Holy Spirit boldly lead me to praise You in
the moments of this day and to know your will for me!
Holy Spirit teach me how to love others as Jesus loves!

Lord Jesus, You love me because the Bible tells me so!
Teach me, Savior Jesus, to seek you in prayer and song!
Guide me, O loving Savior, in your Word and Spirit!
Fill my heart with Jesus’ love to share with others
through this day in Your purposes, will and ways!
Thank You for loving me eternally, O blessed Jesus!

(A Personal Prayer and Praise)

Praises – August 12 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Sing to the Lord a song of adoration and love!
Belief in Jesus makes us a child of the Lord!
We are gifted with the Holy Spirit as a seal!
Praise to Father God for His Beloved Son Jesus –
our Creator, Savior, High Priest, and our King!
Thank you, Heavenly Lord for your great Love!

Our beautiful Savior Jesus, died for all our sins –
in our place, that believers in Him live eternally!
How much love is this? Only God loves perfectly!
Only Father God, His Son Jesus, and Spirit can!!
Praise to God for His unfathomable, saving love!
Thank you, O Lord Jesus for loving us so much!

Praises – August 6 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise and worship Christ Jesus our Lord with thanksgiving!
His great and perfect love for us is beyond our understanding!
Christ Jesus is the only Way to Eternal life and lasting peace!
Let us sing to the Lord Jesus new songs of our faith in Him!
O Spirit, keep us giving ourselves fully to the Lord’s work!
Thank you, O Lord Jesus, for Your gifts of Grace and Love!

O Holy Lord, grant us your consistent strength to stand firm!
Grant us O Holy Spirit, power and insight from God’s Word!
We praise your Name O Mighty, yet Ever loving Savior Jesus!
Your love is ever tender, forgiving, complete, and enduring!
How blessed is the Name of Jesus -Son of the Living God!
Praise be to the Name of Jesus, now through all eternity!

Praises – July 30 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise, love, and adoration to our Savior, Christ Jesus!
You alone are the Good Shepherd who died for Your sheep!
All who believe in You as their Savior have eternal life!
You are the Messiah, our Living Lord and Son of God!
We worship your Name above all Names! Alleluia!

O Good Shepherd, Jesus, You are beautiful and eternal!
You lived with love, compassion and peace on earth!
The Spirit lives in all who believe in You as their Savior!
The Bible, beginning to end, points to the Good Shepherd!
We praise and sing songs of adoration to our Savior, Jesus!

Praises – July 23 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

O holy, holy, holy God of righteousness and compassion!
You adopted all who would believe in the Name of Jesus!
These, Your children, receive the indwelling of Your Spirit!
O Savior Jesus, Your believers will live eternally with You!
Your love is forever perfect, life-changing, and life-giving!
We bow to honor our Lord Jesus, the Beginning and the End!

O Holy, Sovereign Lord Jesus, the radiance of God’s glory!
Thank You for loving all sinners! Your love inspires Goodness!
O Spirit guide us to seek Jesus in Scripture through each day!
O blessed Jesus, help us become totally dependent upon You!
May we demonstrate Jesus’ love and forgiveness to everyone!
We humbly honor and worship Lord Jesus! We sing You praises!

Praises – July 15 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

We sing loving praises to the honor and glory of Savior Jesus!
You are the Name above all Names! You are our blessed Savior!
Your holy love is perfect! Thank you, O Jesus for redeeming us!
O Savior, You command us to Love one another as You love us!
Your love is unselfish, forgiving, kind, unlimited, and beautiful!
We lift our voices and hearts in thanksgiving to our Savior Jesus!

We sing joyful praises to the honor and glory of Savior Jesus!
O blessed Lord, teach us to yield to You throughout every day!
Thank you Holy Jesus, our Eternal King, for your Saving Grace!
We lift our songs of adoration and joy to Lord Jesus, our Shepherd!
O how blessed is the Name of Jesus! He is our Forever Savior King!
We lift our hearts and eyes heavenward, with thanksgiving to Jesus!

Praises – July 8 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

O Blessed Jesus, Perfect, Righteous, full of Grace, Son of the Living God!
Your Love is so beautiful! It is a beacon and blessing to every person!
How brilliant is your light! The sun, moon, stars and planets remind us of it!
How gracious and eternal is your Love! Your Love is expansive yet tender!
You Love all You have made! Your Love is so great, You died on a cross; that
all who believe in You, Jesus, as their Savior, will live with You eternally!
Praise to our Creator, Beautiful Savior, Burden Bearer, and Teacher of Love!

O Beautiful, Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life Everlasting!
In Your time on earth, You taught and modeled how to love everyone!
O Savior Jesus, thank you for your Holy example of tender, expansive
love through kindness and gentleness, shown in humbleness and sincerity!
Praise to Lord Jesus for feeding, healing, teaching, and helping the needy!
Thank you, O Jesus, for loving we sinners so much – You died to save us!
Praise to Christ Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb, for saving us to live with You!

Praises – July 2 2016

by CPC member Sandra J. Bair

O Savior Jesus, Son of God, we praise your Name above all names!
We lift our hearts to You with love, in your honor, to your glory!
May we appreciate deeply and come to know how blessed we are!
Children of God, saved eternally by Christ Jesus’ death on the cross!
Thank you, Eternal Lord Jesus, for your Saving Grace and blessing!

O Savior Jesus, bless us each to love all others as You love each of us!
O Blessed Shepherd, how kind and merciful You are! You are the Word!
You set the example of Perfect Love for all mankind to live and imitate!
O Most Holy Spirit, fill us, renew us, strengthen us through the Word!
So in loving kindness we can share the love and story of Jesus with all!

Praises – June 24 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Let us celebrate the indescribable love of Christ Jesus!
In the moments, may we identify a gift newly discovered!
Constantly lifting our hearts, praise, worship, and love to Him!
O Lord Jesus, creator of this world, sky, universe, every tree,
fish, sunrise, sunset, first cry of newborn babes, flowers, birds,
mankind, hearing, sight, mobility, appreciation, and feelings!
Thank you Eternal Father God in the Name of Christ Jesus!

Use us, O Eternal Lord Jesus, to your honor, glory, and love!
O fill us with hearts and lives of sharing “Jesus” in Your Light!
O Spirit, make us into instruments of your love, peace, and joy!
Use “ believers in Jesus” to bring God’s Word to all people!
O Spirit of God, enable each of us to be lights for Jesus daily!
We praise you, O Most High God, for our life through Jesus!
Thank you Eternal Lord Jesus! You are our Holy Savior!

Praises – June 17 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Let us raise our voices in songs and praises to God!
Our LORD is holy, holy, holy, righteous, and true!
His Son is the Lord Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah!
Our hearts rejoice and sing His Name in all creation!
Blessed be Savior Jesus, our promised salvation!

Let us sing alleluias to our Redeemer and Creator!
Seek the Lamb in the quiet to pray and honor Him!
Daily may we thank our Savior for all His blessings!
May our hearts prompt us to bring Jesus to others!
All glory, honor, and joy belong to our Master, Jesus.

Praises – June 10 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise the Lord! Your mercy endures forever and ever!
As blessed children, we desire to please and honor God!
Guide us in the Scriptures daily to “become” in Jesus!
O Spirit, lead our hearts in faithful service to the Lamb!
All honor and praise to our Savior Jesus! Blessed is He!

Praise the Lord! Your power endures forever and ever!
We lift our hearts, minds, faith, and gifts to honor God!
Direct us in your path, O Savior, to be humble of heart!
Holy Spirit fill and purify us to grow in the Word of Truth!
All glory and honor to our Savior Jesus! Sovereign is He!

Praises – June 3 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Bless us, Savior Jesus, to grow more in love with you each day!

Savior Jesus – our Salvation, Eternal Life, and Foundation!
We praise you, blessed Redeemer, our Living Lord and Joy!
May our days be filled with hearts centered upon your Word!
Our hands serving the needs of others with acts of gratitude!
Blessed Lord Jesus, may our hearts sing with love for you!

Savior Jesus – our Prince of Peace and Light of the World!
We sing you songs of love and devotion for your Constancy!
May our times of rest include devotions and prayers to You!
Guide us to the needs of others and to share the story of Jesus!
Blessed Jesus, may our hearts and actions reflect love for you.

Bless us, Savior Jesus, to share your love more each day!