Praises – January 1 2016

by CPC Member Sandra Bair
O thank you, Lord above, for your Holy and Eternal Love!
Your Holy Love flows throughout Your Word to each of us!
God’s Love is active, filled with Goodness, Purity, and Mercy!
Your Holy Love is shared with mankind upon the earth!
Christ Jesus, God’s Son, born on Christmas in Bethlehem,
Is the Savior of the World, born to save us from our sin!
Christ Jesus, the suffering Messiah, would one day die,
So everyone who believes in Him would have eternal life!
Praise to the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit!
With our hearts, minds, and lives honor and please Jesus!
Let us seek the Lord daily! Sing songs of joy to the Master!
Throughout the day joyously praise the Lord for His love!

Praises – December 25 2015

by CPC Member Sandra Bair
Joy to the Lord our Savior, Jesus the Messiah!
Born this day! Sing songs of joy and honor!
Sent by Father God to live and walk the earth;
As Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man!
He came to free us from the cost of our sin!
Joy to the world, Jesus born this day in Bethlehem!
God chose Joseph and Mary, as His earthly parents,
Both came from the family line of King David!
Shepherds from nearby fields came to honor baby Jesus!
Prophet, Lord, Shepherd, Healer, Creator of the world!
Eternal, the Holy One of the heavenly Lord of all!
Sing alleluias, hearts filled with joy! The Lord has come!
Voices sing aloud with jubilant praise and songs of love!
Blessed is our Creator, Savior, and King of all the world!!

Praises – December 18 2015

by CPC Member Sandra Bair

We sing, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria to God in the highest!
Glory to our God above! Glory to the Lamb of God!
Sing! Sing with joyful heart, spirit, and voice to Jesus!
Glorious is the day when Christ Jesus was born!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, King Jesus, our Savior!
Jesus left His heavenly throne for His time on earth.
Prophecy foretold, a baby to be born of virgin Mary;
The Holy Spirit came upon her and the power of
the Most High overshadowed her!
The holy baby born of Mary was named Jesus,
called the Son of God! God’s Word is living and true!
Sing! Sing with a joyful heart, spirit, and voice in song!
Glorious is the day when Christ Jesus was born!
We adore you O Lord on High, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit!

Praises – December 11 2015

by CPC Member Sandra Bair

Thank you, O Heavenly Lord for your plan of love and saving grace,
for all who would believe in Christ Jesus as their Savior through faith!
O Lord of love, guidance, and provisions in all life and spiritual situations!
We need only seek you by thinking, whispering,or calling your Name!
When burdened, we need only to lift the specific worry or concern to you!
In your love, the weight is lighter and removed as the Spirit guides us!
Praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever and ever!
We thank you O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord for guiding us to yield all to you!
Please help all your children walk straight paths into Jesus arms!
We adore you, O Lord! We lift our voices in hymns of praise in love to you!
May our lives, words, actions, hearts, prayers, and songs honor the Lord!

Praises – December 4 2015

by CPC Member Sandra Bair
We sing heartfelt praises to Blessed Savior Jesus, Redeemer and Holy One!
O Lord Jesus, we praise your Name above all Names! You are Immanuel!
We worship amazing, Creator Jesus, of everything that is, was, and will be!
O Savior Jesus, how our hearts and souls sing to You, for your unfailing love! 
May our relationship with You guide our hearts, minds, and intentions daily! 
You created each of us unique – in preferences, talents, interests, and gifts!
We come from different cultural backgrounds, appreciations, and habits!
We sing songs of worship, and adoration for your profound blessings!
Awesome Creator, You are also our sustainer, provider, and maintainer!
May we honor You, most Holy, Holy, Holy Lord throughout each day! 
Sing to the Lord for He is good and full of grace! Sing to God of the Ages!