Archives for June 2016

Praises – June 24 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Let us celebrate the indescribable love of Christ Jesus!
In the moments, may we identify a gift newly discovered!
Constantly lifting our hearts, praise, worship, and love to Him!
O Lord Jesus, creator of this world, sky, universe, every tree,
fish, sunrise, sunset, first cry of newborn babes, flowers, birds,
mankind, hearing, sight, mobility, appreciation, and feelings!
Thank you Eternal Father God in the Name of Christ Jesus!

Use us, O Eternal Lord Jesus, to your honor, glory, and love!
O fill us with hearts and lives of sharing “Jesus” in Your Light!
O Spirit, make us into instruments of your love, peace, and joy!
Use “ believers in Jesus” to bring God’s Word to all people!
O Spirit of God, enable each of us to be lights for Jesus daily!
We praise you, O Most High God, for our life through Jesus!
Thank you Eternal Lord Jesus! You are our Holy Savior!

Praises – June 17 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Let us raise our voices in songs and praises to God!
Our LORD is holy, holy, holy, righteous, and true!
His Son is the Lord Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah!
Our hearts rejoice and sing His Name in all creation!
Blessed be Savior Jesus, our promised salvation!

Let us sing alleluias to our Redeemer and Creator!
Seek the Lamb in the quiet to pray and honor Him!
Daily may we thank our Savior for all His blessings!
May our hearts prompt us to bring Jesus to others!
All glory, honor, and joy belong to our Master, Jesus.

Praises – June 10 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Praise the Lord! Your mercy endures forever and ever!
As blessed children, we desire to please and honor God!
Guide us in the Scriptures daily to “become” in Jesus!
O Spirit, lead our hearts in faithful service to the Lamb!
All honor and praise to our Savior Jesus! Blessed is He!

Praise the Lord! Your power endures forever and ever!
We lift our hearts, minds, faith, and gifts to honor God!
Direct us in your path, O Savior, to be humble of heart!
Holy Spirit fill and purify us to grow in the Word of Truth!
All glory and honor to our Savior Jesus! Sovereign is He!

Praises – June 3 2016

by CPC member Sandra Bair

Bless us, Savior Jesus, to grow more in love with you each day!

Savior Jesus – our Salvation, Eternal Life, and Foundation!
We praise you, blessed Redeemer, our Living Lord and Joy!
May our days be filled with hearts centered upon your Word!
Our hands serving the needs of others with acts of gratitude!
Blessed Lord Jesus, may our hearts sing with love for you!

Savior Jesus – our Prince of Peace and Light of the World!
We sing you songs of love and devotion for your Constancy!
May our times of rest include devotions and prayers to You!
Guide us to the needs of others and to share the story of Jesus!
Blessed Jesus, may our hearts and actions reflect love for you.

Bless us, Savior Jesus, to share your love more each day!