Stepping Into 2014

step-by-step-nySome years ago Maize Reinbreck penned a poem inside my bible cover I have come to appreciate more as the days roll by.  Maize was a missionary to China who became friends of our family and visited us in Pennsylvania whenever she was on furlough.

On what became Maize’s final visit to us I opened up to her with some questions.  She must have discerned that I was over-stressing the time-table for my future and God’s plan for my life.  I cannot recall the exact conversation we had that day, but these words she wrote in my bible have become etched in my mind for 40 years now.

“He does not lead me year by year,
Nor even day by day;
But step by step His path unfolds,
When Jesus leads the way.

He does not lead us hour by hour
or even minute by minute;
But when he says; “This is the way”,
Then child; walk ye in it.

And I am glad that it is so,
Today’s enough to bear;
And when tomorrow comes his grace
Shall far exceed its care.

Why need to worry then, or fret
When God who gave his Son
Holds all my moments in his hand
And gives them one by one.”

Maize went to be with Jesus and that old bible went to some attic somewhere but those words are still with me.

So as we step into this new year making resolutions and setting dates on the calendar for what we hope to achieve, let us consider the important moments in 2014 will not be measured in increments of time but in “steps” orchestrated by our sovereign Lord who cares for us and has a plan for our lives as we purpose to follow Christ.

Scott Gerhart